Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Flags

I have been working on these new flags. I had fun making and printing the images. These are with Valentine's Day in mind, but are not only for that. I am working on many other images, and will post more as they develop. I am excited for this new format, and all its possibilities. You can purchase in my shop, or contact me directly if you are local.

Also, I finished up this little dreamy painting that has been in the studio for a few months.


  1. hi kate, just read your comment on my blog about getting readers to come to your site. i think the best way is to comment on blogs that you enjoy reading, and pretty soon people start to recognize your name, or start a dialogue with you, or visit your blog. i remember in the beginning doing a lot of exploring on different blogs and leaving comments when i found blog i really felt connected to. it was hard at first and i felt really shy about commenting. i also find that my readership is always changing, different people drop by for a while, then drop off, then new people drop in. it seems to be ever evolving. so i hope this is helpful and good luck! i love your valentines banners by the way!

  2. Jill, thanks so much for your response, and taking the time to look at my stuff. I figured that just talking around people's blogs was the way to get into the flow of all this online business. It does seem to be always changing, and growing with so many people on the net these days. I saw several people today who had moved to big cartel. It does look more professional. I think your little local network seems to help your presence a great deal, too. Anyway, I love your stuff, and style, and appreciate your feedback.