Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paintings from the archives

I have been drawing in my sketchbook all day; what a luxury! I am generating ideas for a new project that I don't want to show just yet. In the meantime, here are some paintings from the past several years, all around the "Tree of Life" theme which has been a favorite subject for a long time. (See it also in the logo from the last post.) It's one of those ever-present archetypes. The painting at the top is quite large (5' x 7'), the leaves are 2' x 2', and the last is 18" x 18". These were all done pre-motherhood, ca. 2001.


  1. Hi Kate...beautiful paintings, I can't even pick a favorite here! Looking forward to seeing your new project ideas. Hope all is well with you!

  2. Hi Linda, Thanks so much. I'm glad you came by my blog again; I think maybe I have gotten the hang of posting a little more often. I am going to yours to see what you are up to. Hope all is well with you, too.

  3. sounds nice, making art. i'd like to get back to painting and drawing at some point, just for fun.
    wanted to let you know that yes, the vest is from classic knits. i would love to see the sweater you are working on from there. please let me know when you post photos. happy knitting!