Monday, January 26, 2009

Emma home sick

Emma is home sick today, and there is a blizzard here in Denver. So much for my day at the studio. It's just as well; I will make soup, do laundry, clean house-- all that I did not do over the weekend. At least I went grocery shopping, so we won't have to brave the roads.
I am posting a few more images, just wanting to get my feet more wet here. These are a couple of years old. I will post newer stuff when I get things photographed. And a pic of my girls-- Emma and Nutty.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

from Emma's Garden

I am in the stage of just figuring out how to use and work this blog, so bear with me. My main computer with everything on it is at the studio I have in a big, old church. I don't have internet access there, which is really a good thing as I don't have this distraction. But I need to bring home images I want to load here, and haven't figured all that out yet. I am going to put a bunch of things on etsy but need to sort that out yet, too. But, I do want to put some images on here, as this is like a new, fun toy, and I have a lot, so I am just randomly picking out what I have around now, to give a background of sorts about me and my work.
One thing I can already tell is that there is a large potential for neurosis here. So many choices! Color of type, background color, layout, on and on. I am one who works and reworks just about everything. In my paintings this creates a rich patina, but here, well, I will see. There is also the glorious feeling of just lettin' it rip... Here is a series of botanical images done over the past couple of years entitled Emma's Garden in honor of my daughter Emma. They started as preliminary sketches for large paintings, done in gouache on paper. I ended up liking the small ones even more, so made more, and have been selling them as prints. A few originals are still available, and the prints are open edition. Cards with these images are also available. (click on image to see larger)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The painting behind my head

Someone asked me what the painting is behind my head in my profile photo. Here it is, and the title is The Rites of Spring. I finished it this winter, despite the title. (Maybe wishful thinking.) It was one of those I kept layering over; finally the green emerged, triumphant, as spring. This is still available, price on request. It is 36" x 36", mixed media on canvas. (click on image to see larger, and on white background)

Sculpture from a few years ago

Here is a large sculpture I did a few years ago, entitled Seedbed. I joined Facebook and have been talking to my old friends from Bennington College where I went for grad school. I ended up switching my focus from painting to sculpture while there. I am not one to stay in any artistic vein for long, and I have felt schizoid about that at times. Now I just accept that all that I make is related on some level, and I wind in and out of various styles and materials as I feel internally (or externally because of money or studio space) driven to do so. It's all good...
This piece is made of steel, concrete, plaster, and bee's wax. Dimensions are approx. 12'L x 4' W x 10'H.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here it is at last

I am finally getting around to making this blog, something I have wanted to do for quite awhile. I look forward to being amongst all you other bloggers out there. Here I want to share images and thoughts about art, craft, making things of all sorts, and making a living as an artist entrepreneur. For now, I just want to see the first post here, under my banner. Soon I will post images of my work, studio, and inspirations. I will start my etsy shop next, so please put me in your radar. Cheers!