Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sculpture from a few years ago

Here is a large sculpture I did a few years ago, entitled Seedbed. I joined Facebook and have been talking to my old friends from Bennington College where I went for grad school. I ended up switching my focus from painting to sculpture while there. I am not one to stay in any artistic vein for long, and I have felt schizoid about that at times. Now I just accept that all that I make is related on some level, and I wind in and out of various styles and materials as I feel internally (or externally because of money or studio space) driven to do so. It's all good...
This piece is made of steel, concrete, plaster, and bee's wax. Dimensions are approx. 12'L x 4' W x 10'H.


  1. I wish I could se htis one in person. Love it!

  2. Agh! Look at my typing! I meant, "I wish I could see this one in person" Pardon my sloppy fingers....By the way, I like the name of your cat! Nutty is a very nice name for a kitty.