Sunday, January 25, 2009

from Emma's Garden

I am in the stage of just figuring out how to use and work this blog, so bear with me. My main computer with everything on it is at the studio I have in a big, old church. I don't have internet access there, which is really a good thing as I don't have this distraction. But I need to bring home images I want to load here, and haven't figured all that out yet. I am going to put a bunch of things on etsy but need to sort that out yet, too. But, I do want to put some images on here, as this is like a new, fun toy, and I have a lot, so I am just randomly picking out what I have around now, to give a background of sorts about me and my work.
One thing I can already tell is that there is a large potential for neurosis here. So many choices! Color of type, background color, layout, on and on. I am one who works and reworks just about everything. In my paintings this creates a rich patina, but here, well, I will see. There is also the glorious feeling of just lettin' it rip... Here is a series of botanical images done over the past couple of years entitled Emma's Garden in honor of my daughter Emma. They started as preliminary sketches for large paintings, done in gouache on paper. I ended up liking the small ones even more, so made more, and have been selling them as prints. A few originals are still available, and the prints are open edition. Cards with these images are also available. (click on image to see larger)

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