Monday, February 8, 2010

a couple of things hanging around the studio


  1. Hey Kathi,
    just leaving you a follow up comment...
    I don't think I have my blog set up to e=mail me when a comment comes in either. I'll have to figure it out.
    Let's keep sharing ideas and info on this whole Etsy, blogging, facebooking, art-selling thing. I see how much hard work it takes to keep up with all this stuff.
    By the way, I loooaafff that little painting of the circles!!

  2. thanks joan! I did get an email for this; it helps esp if someone leaves a comment for an older post, you could miss it completely. Just go to settings and there is a place to put email notice preferences. Thanks for the nice comment about the stacked stones piece, it reminds me of your Flintstone stuff. If we don't sell anything, we can always trade!